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Who is Jade DelValle?

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Who is Jade DelValle? All we’ve seen is a trailer on YouTube for a song we thought was coming out LAST month. But now, her Instagram posts are highly suggestive of a project coming out. It […]

BHTS: Jay Lewis – Do The Dash

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To start things off, I’d like to congratulate Jay Lewis for a successful mixtape drop. The Baton Rouge rapper’s latest project, Dreams Of Getting Rich 2, is now available for download here. Visual wise, we’ve got […]

BHTS: Neno Calvin – My Woe

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About a week ago, we shot Neno Calvin’s visual for “My Woe.” The video depicts Neno seeking vengeance after one of his day one’s was murdered. Following a call from his Spanish chick with word on the […]

A Trip To Atlanta

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As of late, most of the music we all love (in Hip-Hop that is) has been coming from one place– Atlanta, Georgia. Not only that, but the movie/video production industry is booming in the area. As […]

What Is The Red Carpet Event?

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At this point, you’re probably wondering “What is The Red Carpet Event?” You’ve seen the numerous Instagram posts, and the hashtag #TheRedCarpetEvent keeps popping up on your timeline. However, you’re still a little foggy on what exactly […]